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Message par Nnelg9111 le Jeu 13 Fév - 9:32

Could it be possible to implement a way to make two different tactics?

Right now when you attack with a rider, you don't know if it will succeed. So imagine if I attack with two riders, one succeeds and the other fails then one rider will chase after the escaped one which isn't very logical. Perhaps the implemntation of a chase button could help this? Right now you can choose between attack and sprint. If you add a chase button then this indicates that a rider should try to chase the attackers and bring them back in the peleton.

So if I have two riders:
A - 60 - 60 - 85Attack - 80 - 85
B - 60 - 60 - 85Attack - 80 - 85

Right now if rider A succeeds and B fails to attack or escape then rider B keeps chasing after A which isn't logic since they're teammates.
With a chase button B doesn't try to chase A despite his high % unless the chase button is highlighted.


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