End of the season 49

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End of the season 49

Message par Friesian le Ven 7 Oct - 12:58

Hi all. I new and started in div 6AB. Fun.
As i see the post from 24 th may hereafter has never been answered, i recon not many are active on thr englisch forum. As my French is terrible i still try this part of the forum for some questions.

When the season ends. Will stats like condition and health be reset? or continue from where the riders left of at the end of season 49? ( i know i can run stages at end of season)

The new season goals for extra sponsor money. You only get the bonus you select like "winning 1 race in a season" or do you get bonus beneath it when you donot win a race in a season?



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Re: End of the season 49

Message par gyvenimas le Dim 15 Oct - 21:44

Hi Friesian,

I can't answer you for the condition and health diminution or not. You've probably followed this, so you could answer me then ^^

But for the season goals, you only get (or not) money from the one you've chosen !


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