Firing inactive NT managers

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Firing inactive NT managers Empty Firing inactive NT managers

Message par Kazistuta le Dim 6 Mar - 23:14

I think there should be an official policy that a national team selector should be automatically fired if he/she fails to select riders for two NT races in a season. Right now the Danish U22 selector didn't pick any riders for todays race, and it's only the second NT race of the season. IMO the job should be appointed the manager who got second-highest score in the voting if a NT manager suddenly turns inactive/sloppy.

The NT manager job should be worth to pursue, and in the longer run a lack of selections will hurt the countrys chances.


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Firing inactive NT managers Empty Re: Firing inactive NT managers

Message par Lexus le Lun 7 Mar - 18:09

there is a penalty for managers who don't select the riders for the selection race (10000 euros per rider no-selected)

and last season, some managers have been fired for that reason, but I don't know if it was after the first failed selection


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