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Message par Nnelg9111 le Sam 18 Avr - 11:28

Qu'est-ce qu' est votre opinion en regard ce coureur? Mes autre jeunes sont pour les vallées, je dois trainee ce coureur aussi pour les vallée ou je dois trainnee celui pour le CLM? Voir l'explication dans anglais.
What is your opinion about this rider? I train my other riders for the hills. Should I train him also for the hills or should I train him for ITT? Cause he has good stats, but I would find it a waste to train him in ITT since he won't be fully profiting the training.

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Excusez-moi pour ma mauvais français.


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Message par benouz le Sam 18 Avr - 12:26

On my opinion, it's not a good rider, the resistance stats is not sufficient. If you want to keep him, you will need to train him to the ITT. Thanks to the internship, you can have a good resistance, but not sufficient to be a perfect rider. If you want, I can give you some advice on what type of training I see for him on private message.

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