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Message par Posten le Lun 19 Déc - 9:57

So I fainally managed to create a forum account. Not easy when you don't speak a word french but with some qualified guesses i managed to make it here. Team Posten (Swedish poastal service) was created early season 13. Didn't now what i was doing but slowly i managed to accuire enogh points to make it to div5 and pile up some stash. In season 14 i was at the beginning freightened by the quality by my team compared to the others. But many was surprisingly inactive and i quickly rose to position 2. I also managed to make a few early nice drafts and aquire a few decent riders from the juniors tour. After the big tours things still looked well and i let my flatriders go into training mode and only continue with 3 riders and then only 1 at the last stages. All looked well until the last stage where i dropped to position 4 in the team ranking 1! ranking point. My own fault, could have bin avoided but i thought it was worth the gambit and not such a bad thing if it failed. Would have bin nice with some div4 experience but now i have time to develop my team and hopefully ride in some price money instead.

The Team: Skills taken after the course season 15.
Team Leader:
Hjalmarsson Bjarnulf age 25. Mou:83.93 Dow:75.20 Res:83.76 Sta:72.87 Hil:72.00 Current Teamcaptain and leader at the big tours. Bought at a big slice of the teams cash due to nationality combined with the right skills.

Future Stars:
Lestander Linus age 19 Mou:70.21 Dow:69.14 Res:71.82 Agi: 66.84 Spr 66.84 The future Star. Awesome Climber
Nobel Robin age 20 Mou:74.25 Dow:67.18 Res:72.86 Fla: 68.88 Agi 67.88 Another great future Climber. A little bit behind Lestander in talent.
Modin Ulf age 20 Hil:75.32 Sta:69.28 Res:65.69 ITT:68.32 Spr:68.32 The teams future hope in the hills. Suffers a bit from a none-hill specialist trainer.
Sundström Harding age 21 ITT:72.50 Res:67.74 Fla:67.35 Dow:72.36 Mou: 71.16 All-rounder with ITT-Specialty and a high average. No major flaw but no outstanding strengths either.

Protected Riders:
Majbäck Nils 23 Fla:81.76 Hil:65.44 Sta:72.04 Spr: 74.58 ITT:73.44 The teams best rider at flat and cobblestone stages.
Soler Rigoberto 22 Fla:75.21 Hil:76.57 Sta:73.94 Cob:71.48 ITT:70.78 Good onedayrider at mixed terrain races, as long as there are no mountains.

Svensson Gustaf 20 Mou:70.68 ITT:67.45 Res:65.96 Sta:67.88 Fla:64.18 Mountaintourspecialist with enough skills on the right places to be a helprider.
Lindberg Gudmund 19 Mou:68.03 Agi:66.45 Res:69.86 Dow:68.88 Hil: 66.88 Climber that should do well at cyclocrosses as well.
Bergman Kristoffer 19 Mou:65.93 ITT:68.53 Res:67.87 Dow:68.88 Cob: 67.88 ITT specialist that will develop into a tour helprider.
Bihore Etienne 23 Spr:78.36 Fla:77.08 Sta:73.26 ITT:72.16 Agi:71.16 Flatland sprinter.
Lindblom Christofer 21 Fla:77.52 Sta:73.22 Hil:59.04 Agi:71.04 Spr:67.44 Flatland helprider.
Täpp Thure 23 ITT:78.09 Res:68.51 Fla:75.76 Agi:73.44 Dow:71.44 ITT Flatland-specialist.
Nemec Radomir 26 Hil:74.87 Mou:75.52 Sta:74.25 Dow68.52 Fla:68.35 Helprider with mountain and hill capabilities.


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Message par tacki le Lun 19 Déc - 13:17

Welcome to our forum, and I wish you good luck for the next season !
I Update the "equipe" wich means "team", so I put Posten to your profile !


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